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Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 43

Getting your grocery budget under control can be hard to do. But it can be done with planning and coupons! Sit down and plan your meals for under $6.00 a meal. We have 5 people in our family..... the below meals are examples of meals for under $6.00. Most of the time we even have enough left overs for lunch the next day. If you purposefully plan your dinners for $6.00 and under it will do miracles for your budget!

Marie Callender Lasanga $2.24
Cutie Orange $.99
Salad, cheese, dressing $1.50
Wheat Toast $.42
Total Meal $5.15 for 5
Hamburger and Turkey Meatballs $2.50
Fresh French Fries $1.00
Salad and Veggies $1.50
Corn Free
Total Meal $5.00 for 5

Egg Drop Soup
Chicken Broth Free
Green onions $.49
Chicken $1.00
Eggs $.42
Fruit $1.50
Total Meal $3.41 for 5

Sausage $3.50
Fresh Pineapple $.50
Crescent Rolls Free
Corn Free
Potatoes $.20
Total Meal: $4.20 for 5

Spinach $1.99
Chicken $3.32
Other Veggies $1.00
Salad Dressing trivial amount
Total Meal $6.31 for 5

Spinach and Parmesean Noodles $.50
Carrots $.50
Teriyaki Chicken $3.32
Seasoning $1.00
Wheat Bisquits Free
Total Meal $5.32 for 5

Wheat Bisquits Free
Turkey Sausage $1.00
Eggs $.84
Cheese $.50
Grapes $.50
Total Meal $2.84 for 5 Crust $1.00
Apples $3.00
Cinnamon, Flour, Sugar Trivial
Total Dessert $4.00 for 5

Total Cost for 7 meals and one dessert $36.23.
I spent the rest of my $60.00 a week grocery budget on breakfast, lunch, snacks, and health and beauty items.

and for Wichita Readers:

The McDonalds located at Tyler and Central on the West side has a construction special on Monday nights from 4-8

Hamburgers $.49

Cheeseburgers $.59

For busy Monday nights....it keeps us well under the $6.00 for dinner.

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  1. You amaze me with your creativity and just plain hard work. I'm a long way from being there.


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