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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 41

Dillons Deals
Wheat Thins
On Sale for $2.00-buy one get on free man. coupon-$1.00 off two boxes man coupon
Final price $.50 a box
On sale $1.79
$1.79-$1.00 dillons man coupon (dillons sent me 2 $1.00 caprisun coupons, you may or may not have)
Final price $.79 a box
Tip: Keeping a box of juice pouches in the car can be a money saver. Next time skip the drive-thru with thirsty kids and pull out the juice pouches.

Guest Post~

by my money savy friend.

My favorite money saving tip is your public library!
Hours of great entertainment can be found there for free.
Activities and classes for all ages.
Great books to read and stimulate the brain and imagination.
Movies to check out instead of rent.
Music and audio books for your listening pleasure. Think about your next road trip.... Listen to that book you've been wanting to read.
Our local library has the card catalog online. I can go online and check for the item I am hoping to check out and see if it is available.
Most libraries also participate in inter-library loans. If they don't carry the book, they will contact other libraries to see if they do. Your loan time might be a little more restrictive and you might have to wait a little longer, but it is FREE!!
While at your local library stop and see if they have a copy or two or three of THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE
An absolute must read. A compilation of their issues over the years on frugality.
It will stimulate your creativity and get you thinking of new ways to save money.
Think you are already frugal, just read one of the volumes of THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE and see what new ways to save you can learn. Just so you don't think this is dry reading, there will be many things to chuckle over. Things you might say NO WAY to, and yet others that make you go hmmm, and ahhhh over.
Just remember to return your library treasures on time to avoid late fees.....thanks Heather
She is so savy she sells on ebay, hop on over and check out her ebay here.

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