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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 83

I remember a few years ago having a garage sale and it making me sick to my stomach about how much money I had spent on clothes for the kids and then turning around and selling them for a couple of dollars.
And then I had an idea....yes a great idea....why don't I go to garage sales and find awesome clothes for my kids and stop wasting so much darn money on clothes. How about that???!!!
Below are some of this weeks garage sale finds.
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt for my husband~ I paid $1.00 for it~ it is in perfect condition

My children are showing off their garage sale finds. I am also done throwing money away on toys.
We found a transformer in perfect conition for $1.00 and a light saber for $.50 and the girly found 3 like new barbies and some adorable sunglasses all for $3.00

I have no clothing budget or toy budget. I make enough to pay for what I buy for our family and then extra money selling on ebay.
The above shoes I purchased for $.50
Click here to watch them on ebay to see what they sell for.
This is another way we became and stay debt free!

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