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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 28

Why I love Sunday's.....Well obviously a day of worship and rest and Coupon Day!
The lovely model is holding my debt free way to organize coupons. I'm sure everyone can find a similar container in their kitchen.
Step 1 find container

Step 2 find some envelopes in your office.
The following are the labels for my envelopes

Produce~ Bread~ Biscuits/Cookie Dough~ Frozen~ Frozen Veggies~ Yogart~ Snacks/Bars~ Dry~ Dairy~ Chips/Popcorn/Nuts~ Candy~ Baking~ Cereal~ Beverages~Meat~ Canned~ Lightbulbs/Foil/Batteries~ Laundry~ Scent~ Cleaning~ Dish~ Medicine~ Vitamins~Paper Products~ First-Aid~ Femine Hygine~ Hair Care~ Razors~ Deodorant~ Dental~ Body Wash~ Face Care/Make-Up~ Lotion~ Dining

Step 3 Keep your scissors in your container and save some money!

"Whatever you do, do something. Even if it's something seemingly minuscule. Often, just taking a baby step in the right direction can propel you farther than you ever dreamed possible!" quote from MoneySavingMom

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  1. 28 days! 4 weeks! You are doing a great job with this blog, Dara.


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