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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 142

Alright back to coupon shopping. Thanks to Heather for helping me cut out my huge stack of coupons.
Dillons has the $5 off 10 participating products.

Sobe Life Water $.50 each
SunnyD man. coupon found in All You magazine free
Marie Calendars Al Dente $1.00 man. coupon for each $1.29 each
Sarah Lee Bread $1.49
Chex Mix turtle $.50 shortcuts ecoupon $1.00 coupons.com coupon $.49
other Chex Mix $1.00 coupons.com coupon $.99
Keebler Cookies $1/2 coupons.com coupon 1.49 each
Oscar Myer Ham $1/2 man. coupon $1.99 each
Quaker Granola Bars $1/2 man. coupon 1.49 each
Welchs Jelli $1/2 man. coupon $1.27 each
Sargento Cheese (2) $1.00 man. coupons $1.49 each
Tylenol $2.00 man. coupon $.49
Advil $2.00 man. coupon $.49
**Final Price assumes you purchase 10 participating products and coupons double to $1.00**

Other Great Deals
Kraft Singles $1.47-$1/2 man. coupon Final Price $.97 each
Green Grapes $.99/lb
Kraft Barbeque Sauce $1.08-$1.00 man. coupon Final Price $.08


  1. How do you get man. coupons for the assorted things you listed?

  2. They are either from the Sunday paper, printed online and one was from All You magazine.
    I cut every coupon out of the paper.
    Does that help?

  3. a little--we don't get the paper anymore. i'll have to figure out the online stuff or stop getting so frustrated by it. not familiar with the All You mag.

  4. coupons.com is a great site to print coupons on.
    All You is a magazine filled with coupons.
    I just subscribed a couple of months ago.
    I purchased my subscription on Amazon for $10.
    If you start using coupons the paper will pay for itself. We subscribe Sunday only and it only costs $1.25 a week.
    Had fun last night....


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