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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 127

My Better Late Then Never Post
This is a picture of the 4th BRAND SPANKN' NEW vehicle that we purchased.
It cost $38,000 when we bought it in 2005 and came with a hefty payment of $550 a month.
October 2006 enough was enough....we were tired of living paycheck to paycheck!!!!! Throwing away almost $1000 a month on car payments.
We had two very nice vehicles and decided to keep one, pay it off and sell the other.
We said bye-bye to the Ram. We took a loss of $4,000 but $4,000 was sure easier to pay off.
We then bought ourselves a $900 Dave Ramsey car.
Well that $900 car just gave out on us a couple of weeks ago :(

we took our $2500 we had saved for our next car and went car shopping.
Oh the" power of cash"
That is a picture of our $2500

this is the sticker off the van we purchased....$5998.
We saw it marked down on the internet and took a little road trip to check it out.
We took a little test drive and then went into the big fancy building, sat down with the car salesman and said we can offer you $2500.00 cash.
Of course he said that could not be done but he would talk to his "manager"
Of course the "manager could not do it."
I put my purse on my shoulder and said "thank you for your time."
Two more trips to the "manager" and the final price was $2500. $2500 total for everything taxes, and whatever fees they tack on.
Off to the business office to pay.....The businsess guy asked 3 times. Really cash?....like bills?
Yes. Cash.
The power of Cash.

Not enough light for a good picture but this a picture of our $2500 PAID FOR van. (Never thought we would ever own a minivan???!!!)

Will my husband be able to own his dream truck again?
Well of course....it will take a few more years, but it will be paid for in Cash!

God is good and always provides


  1. Happy dance, happy dance ! !

  2. That is so awesome! You have both worked so hard to stay on budget and save you money - especially in light of your recent months of unemployment - it is so good to see you reap your reward!

  3. That is so very cool! You guys are an inspiration to us all.
    You should have mentioned the details of the vehicle--make, model, year, color--since the pic was so dark. Can't wait to see it.
    So very sorry to hear about the Breeze. I think it had a good long and useful life.

  4. Oh, am I bad? That info was on the sticker (except for the color.) That's what I get for not wearing my glasses when I'm at the computer. :)


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