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Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 102

National Doughnut Day:
Free doughnuts from Lamar's, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts
Today June 5th, 2009
Be sure to contact your local store to confirm store participation
Click here for more info....thanks MoneySavingMom


I was listening to Dave Ramsey on my ipod while I was running jogging and he had a great call. The question was about what order to pay your debt off when you have bad, old debt that is in the hand of collectors
Be sure to keep current with your current debtors and pay off from lowest to highest and then when your current debt is paid off.... you then tackle your old, bad debt. And you should be able to settle for pennies on the dollar on your bad debt.
So don't worry about old debt until you tackle your current debt.....thanks Dave

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