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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Which Spouse?

Have finacial stress in your marriage?
Maybe this will help.
Been there done that. It was not a pretty site. I have watched first hand a friends marriage go from it is over to we can do this when the right spouse started paying bills.
When I married my wonderful husband he paid the bills and was in control of everything dealing with finances. I had no clue to where to money was going. We both spent what we wanted and when we wanted. Resulting in ALOT OF DEBT.
But one day I thought to myself if anything ever happened to my husband I would have no clue to who we owed or even when the utilities were due. So I headed to the office and figured it out. Sounds easy but it took time. Turned out that I was one that needed to pay bills. My husband did a great job using Quiken and paying bills on time...but he is the spender and I am the saver.
Are you married? Is the right spouse paying bills.
Now we are a team, we make decisions together, never spend money without the other knowing and because we are on the same page and the right spouse pays the bills we are DEBT FREE.

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