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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 310

Happy New Year!
What are your finacial goals this year?
Ours are to save, save, save.
Goal #1....our 6 months savings is 75% funded. Goal: Fund last part of 6 months savings. Our goal is to have a full 6 months of expenses saved.
Goal #2....We are currently saving 5% for retirement...once our 6 months savings is in place our goal is to save 15% of our income for retirement.
Are your finances a train wreck?
If so make it a goal to sit down and figure out where you stand to the penny.
How much debt do you have?
Who do you owe and how much?
Make your monthly budget?
How many months would it take to become debt free?
Start to free your self from the chain from debt in 2010!

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