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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 225

For Wichita Readers:
Old Warren Theatre East has turned into a church.
Every Friday night they run a kids movie for free.
On some Fridays of the month they run two movies.
Cost of popcorn and pop is 50 cents each. They have no candy. You have to bring your own. Following is the schedule of the shows they will be showing:
10/2 The Rescuers
10/9 The Fox and The Hound
10/16 No Movie
10/23 101 Dalmatians
10/30 Toy Story; At 9:00 Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window
11/6 Ratatouille
11/13 No Movie
11/20 Ice Age
11/27 Children’s Christmas Specials; At 9:00 It’s a Wonderful LifeDecember
12/4 A Christmas Story
12/11 No Movie
12/18 The Polar Express; At 9:00 White Christmas
12/25 No Movie
All movies start at 7:00…
A big thanks to Tambra for sharing :)


  1. Heather says Kellogg and Greenwich.

  2. Thanks. That's kind of what I was picturing in my mind but didn't know it was called the Old Warrren East.


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