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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 221

SEO Host
The month of October marks 3 years of living without credit cards. We have not used a credit card one time in three years or even had a credit card active or in our wallets in 3 years. We will NEVER use a credit card again!
Click here and here to read some articles on credit card/debit card spending verses cash. Do the math and research for yourself. You will spend 12-18% more when you swipe your plastic.
This past week I traded in the remaining 18,000 American Express points for a $100 cordless phone system.
So for every $18,000 I spent the very generous American Express allowed me to pick out a $100 item.
If we would of used cash we would spent $3240 less and could of bought 32 of those lovely cordless phone systems.
Lesson Learned!
Seriously what were we thinking!!!??? What a JOKE!
Cash is King!

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