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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 200

Yea!!!!! Day 200 GiveAway!!
If you would like a chance to win The Dave Ramsey Envelope System (the envelope system...money not included ;) ), leave a comment or email me. I will randomly draw one winner 7 days from today.
I tell you it's amazing!
Once a month we take out all the money we have budgeted for groceries, gas, dining and gifts.
I have tried to beat the system by using our check card and keeping track in my head, taking money out once a week...(the only problem with the once a week was when I forget to to go back to the bank the next Friday....it is easy to forget and use that check card once. Just using my check card when I forgot added up to hundreds of dollars overspent every month.) For us taking out money once a month is fool proof and the fancy envelope system makes it simple.
When the money is gone it is gone. We do not even carry our check cards in our wallet. Cash Only!!!


  1. I would like to add this to my Dave Ramsey collection. Much nicer than the ratty envelope I carried.

  2. Would love the envelope system. Just started the book in Sunday School! Love your site! ikaup@hotmail.com

  3. Dave's envelope system is so much nicer than my torn up white envelopes! I'd love to have it!!


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