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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 290

In this house my kids know we like to save money and not spend it. My 3 year old walks around with coupons in her purse. My 5 year old has a hard time when his Auntie takes him to the store and tells him to pick out anything for his birthday...because everything is too much money. My 9 year old cries at school when he breaks his glasses because he does not want me to have to spend the money to replace them.
I explain to them over and over that we have thousands of dollars in the bank... and we chose to save our money and that they never need to worry because their every need...not want will be met.

This happens around town all the time....I run into a friend or an acquaintance and they pull out their coupons to show me or promise they are paying in cash.
I am officially the Money Police!
Because we are debt free and still very focused to meet our next saving goal, once in a while we treat ourselves!
Last night we went to dinner and took our kids to the movies and spent a pretty penny. And it was okay. We are debt free, have 6 months savings, and saving for retirement.
But let me be clear during the 18 months it took us to pay off $48,000 we were INTENSE and did not treat ourselves ;) And it was all worth it!

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