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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 267

It is Not IF it is WHEN....
When it rains it pours.
This past Sunday I sat down with a friend to look at her budget. November is the month that everything caught up with her because she has not been living within her means for years.
Her house payment is late, her car insurance is late, a plumbing bill of $2000, a vet bill of $700 and not a penny to her name. And then her NOT IF WHEN momemt hit her hard on Monday morning. She was in a car accident it was not her fault but the other car did not have insurance and remember her car insurance was late. This means now she has no car still no money and still late on everything.
How many of us have or are living paycheck to paycheck drowning in debt?????
Today is the day to start a new way of living. Sit down and make a budget. Start paying off debt so you can fund your emergency fund. Your If Not When moments are NOT as painful with an Emergency Fund
It scares me to think of what our life would be like today if we were not prepared finacially when my husband was laid off last Feburary. Because life happens to everyone.

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