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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 161

Dillons P&G Product Sale is back
$4.00 off 4 Participating P&G Products

Below is what I purchased
*man. coupon price reflect doubled up to $1 in my descriptions*
Puffs $1.99 each-$.25 esaver coupon-$.50 man. coupon-$3.00 promotion=$.74 per box
Venus Spa Breeze Razor $6.49-$3.00 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion=$2.49
Total $4.71
without coupons,esaver and promotion $12.46

Tide $5.88-$.35 esaver -(2) $1.00 man. coupons-$2.00 promotion=$3.70 each
Tide Stain Release $5.88-$.50 esaver-$1.00 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion=$3.38
Bounce $6.75-$.50 esaver-$.50 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion $1.00=$4.75
Total $15.53
without coupons esaver and promotion $24.39

Charmin $7.99-$.25 esaver-$1.00 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion=$5.74
Cascade $3.99-$.50 esaver-$1.00 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion=$1.49
Tampax $2.99-$.50 esaver-$1.00 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion=$.49
Always $2.99-$.50 esaver-$1.00 man. coupon-$1.00 promotion=$.49
Total $8.21
without coupon, esaver and promotion=$17.96

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